Who's the oldest child IN/OF your family?

Hi teachers,

Who’s the oldest child [color=blue]in/on your family?

Which preposition is correct?

Thanks in advance



If I don’t get you wrong, you mean “Who’s the oldest child in/of your family?” In this point, “in” is correctly used, but when you use “of”, you should ask “Who’s the oldest student/child of those students/children?”…

Hi Rosalisa,

Thanks for your response. You did get me right.

I notice that you’re from Cambodia too.
Can we get to know each other?


Hi Jupiter,

Nice to know you. Obviously, I’m from Cambodia too. Where particularly in Cambodia are you from? :smiley:

Hi Lisa,

OK, I’m from its capital, Phnom Penh.
Nice to know you too.

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