Who'll walk first on the moon?

Went to see Gravity tonight.
Starts of by saying how harsh space is etc
Just googled this - A piece of bare metal in space, under constant sunlight can get as hot as two-hundred-sixty (260) degrees Celsius. This is dangerous to astronauts who have to work outside the station. If they need to handle bare metal, they wrap it in special coatings or blankets to protect themselves. And yet, in the shade, an object will cool down to below -100 degrees Celsius.
Read more: universetoday.com/77070/how- … z2mGVFzgSl

Anyway not to bad a show but it sure reinforced my firm belief that there is no way man has walked on the moon. It underlines how limited man is just a couple of hundred odd miles above the earth with todays technology (batteries, computers etc)
Don’t forget in a few years it will be “50 years” without going back? Nope not even Sandra Bullock could walk on the moon.
This way for an argument erm I mean debate.
english-test.net/forum/ftopi … n_the_moon
Oh btw just to ruin it for you - George Clooney dies to save Sandra Bullock! - Yeah Right!! :slight_smile: God bless Amerka!!

They did walk on the moon, on the screen , on 20 July 1969. lol.

And on the pages as well.

We like heroes?

Oh, those possible Americans!