Who thought this Christmas have bad ending for South Asians?

Dear All,

This world is full of mysterious that some times paves way to unpredictable happenings and eventually engulfs people’s lives in trouble. Did we ever think this Christmas will have a sad ending in South Asian region. Life is not bed of roses, especially against the natural calamities.

Hope you all hear the news through BBC or CNN about the teriffic sea waves (Seismic waves) ,lashed more than 10,000 lives in south Asia. When I first saw the news I simply thought it was an ordinary event and why it was in the first place? Indeed, It was very humour to watch the person reading the news was shouting in between “Hey building is shacking??” and then he ran away. But latter on it was of great shocking to see the death count increasing leaps and bounds; I could feel the real panic and then started calling up my friends and relatives to know about their status. It is really heartrending to see the corpse spreading all over the coastal areas and people crying with great pain.

The earth quake took place in Indonesia with 8.9 rictor scale reading had the aftermath of creating great waves in the coastal areas and washed away thosuands of lives. In scientific terms it is called “Tsunami”. This is a Japanese word, means harbour waves. In India rescue operations are in full swing. People are not allowed to enter coastal side. Lot of charity organisations are working at their best to ensure the saved people are getting proper food,medicines and shelter.

What ever be the case this Christmas ended badly for the South Asians.


Hi, Samrat.

Yes, what happened is terrible and I can’t find any words to describe it. So many thousands of people died, others are still missing. Even more terrible is that nobody can do anything about it. Our hands are tied.
The only thing we can do is try to help those who survived.

It is sad to know that our present technology cannot detect an earthquake (and its killer brother - tsunami) before it destroys thousands of lives and properties. :frowning: