Who owns Instagram and Whatsapp?

Who owns Instagram and Whatsapp? (*) Microsoft (*) Amazon (*) Facebook (*) Google

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I think Google owns them.


I don’t know who owns but I love it especially Instagram. Ever since I was little, I dreamed of becoming very popular one day on Instagram, just like other successful bloggers and people. I am now 18 years old and my goal has finally been fulfilled.
At first, I searched for how to buy stuff nobody needs and after a few days I appeared on the ““explore page”” and from there many came to me on the page and so far following me. All I have to do is be active and post frequently.
I am very grateful to those who created Instagram and other such platforms.

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Why would you try to search for stuff nobody needs? Probably because you an expert spammer?

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Hi Torsten,
Nothing to do with this question but just wanted to catch your eye - there seems to be a problem about email from you to me or possibly me to you. Can you check, please?

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Hi Alan, you can reach my any time by email at info at english dot best.