who or which

Which one should I choose ‘who’ or ‘which’?

The next generation, who/which portrays our future, should…

Probably ’ which’ out of those two choices, but ‘that’ might be better. It depends on the rest of the sentence.

Isn’t ‘which’ used for things/animals and ‘who’ for people?
The entire sentence is:

The next generation ,who/which portrays our future, should be more open-minded.

In that case, ‘which’ is wrong, however I would personally use ‘that’ in that particular sentence.

Hi Allthewayanime,

Two points to note - In your sentence:

you couldn’t use ‘that’ because the clause/sentence is between commas and you can’t have a comma before ‘that’ when it’s used as a relative pronoun. If you omit the comma, the use of ‘that’ is preferable mainly because it’s used in conversation and secondly because it relates to a kind of precision. That’s why we use ‘that’ after superlatives as in:

[i]This is the best book on the subject that I have ever read.


Thank you for your answers.