Who knows this lady? (HRH)


Who of you recognizes this lady? Hint: her English is superb and she usually takes her tea with some milk.


I suggest HRH as the lady in question.


lol, I didn´t know that she can crack nutshells. :uk::uk:


The Queen of England?


Oh btw, what is the meaning of HRH? Her Royal Highness?


Yes. Does anyone here know what POTUS refers to? or to whom I should say. Also SCOTUS and FLOTUS.


The name of the file says for itself. «queen.jpg»


Never trust any file’s name nor the guy naming the file)


Now that I have found out what POTUS stands for, it throws a new light on Donald Trump!


Does anyone know what PRIMINUK refers to?


Hm. I guess PRIMINUK is the alias for a British woman that currently faces a lot of problems in the HoC :grin:



As mentioned on Merriam-Webster:

POTUS - President of the United States
SCOTUS - Supreme Court of the United States
FOTUS - First Lady of the United States


Good question!

I guess that the woman is the Queen of England.