Who is Genet?

On looking up the word ‘mainstream’, I found this example for it from the Longman Dictionary:

Genet started as a rebel, but soon became part of the literary mainstream.

=> I just wonder if the word ‘Genet’ is a proper name and if so, is that ‘Genet’ a famous person.

Many thanks,

Jean Genet, the French writer and political activist, I imagine.

Jean Genet was a famous French pedophile who was also a writer and was involved in politics. Sometimes intellectuals excuse artists for anything they do.

That’s a rather childish response, Jamie. As for forgiveness, I think you’ll find it a quite common human trait. Don’t you have such a trait? See, for example, how the French police are now forgiven their sins - and not only by intellectuals.

I don’t think it’s childish to point out that the man was an admitted pederast.

Nice try. This was childish, a schoolyard response, IMO: “Sometimes intellectuals excuse artists for anything they do”.

Well, it’s quite true.

As would be “Mary Davies is big, fat and ugly, na-na-na-na-na!”, but it might be better to keep that thought in the confines of the schoolyard, right? :wink: