Who has taken a TOEIC Test? I need some advice

I’m going to have a Toeic Test but I’m very nervous. :S

First advice: You should be confident! :slight_smile:

2nd Advice … Join www.onlineenglish900.com

or try for a free membership from my other posting …


How come you use advice as a countable noun?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: On an escalator[YSaerTTEW443543]

I meant piece of advice, but I thought that “first advice” could be thought as “first piece of advice” :smiley:

Same here … Just being native!!

Thank you very much for all advice. I gonna have a toeic test on next friday. After I get a result I’ll update it here ^^

And, as usual, she never did.

Rob, why does saying ‘2nd advice’ mean ‘being native’?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: A young woman at the library[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hi everyone,

I took the Toeic 2 times. The first time I tried to study on my own and I did horrible. I am too ashamed to say my score. Then I went to a school which didn’t help much either. I don’t like to blame the teacher, but I don’t think he was really prepared to teach about that stuff. I found a few good websites. One good one with a free email course is at www.toeictestpreparation.com I used that and I think it helped my score quite a bit. I think it is worth a try. It is free. I was studying other things too so I’m not too sure what made my score higher the second time, but anyway, that’s my advice. My speaking is ok but the Toeic has really specific vocabulary you need to know. I guess that is why my score was lower than should be, at least in my opinion.

Hi Andylu2

If you want to prepare for the TOEIC test, you should really go to http://www.onlineenglish900.com. It is the only preparation course on the internet operated and updated by an official TOEIC test center, qualified and experienced English language teachers and authorized TOEIC and TOEFL test administrators.

OnlineEnglish has partners in Germany, Spain, Italy, France, the Ukraine and Japan, so students can get support for their training very easily. All students also get email support from trainers and administrators involved in teaching English and preparing for the TOEIC test everyday. Many European MBA business schools use OnlineEnglish for their students, 5 universities in Europe use OnlineEnglish in support of their own language classes and several large companies use OnlineEnglish for support of their employee development programs… to name just a few cases.

The website is NOT written by just programmers, that have no teaching qualifications or no contact with the TOEIC test. (Like in the case of most other TOEIC preparation material.) Also there are no marketing claims just to sell the product.

OK, it is not free, but neither is the TOEIC test and if you have to sit the TOEIC more than once, then paid training is a much better solution. Also, the teachers that operate the site need to earn a living, is this not OK?

The prices are very very low and the quality of the content very very high. Also, because it is by an official TOEIC test center, students can always trust the advice and training. They have memberships for all students, whether they wish to quickly prepare for the test, or learn over a longer period for an even higher TOEIC score.

OnlineEnglish not only guarantees a student’s improvement, but also shows a student when they have a good chance of getting the TOEIC score level they need. Over 5 years, OnlineEnglish have been 95% correct in all assessments; even more assurance to students.

On the homepage, you can see the “live” improvement percentage of the members. (I just went there and at the moment it is 201.84 %) This figure is updated everytime you visit the website. OnlineEnglish hide nothing, because the training they offer is reliable.

It is ok to use good-free training to keep costs down (such as english-test), but students should really think about also doing a recognized paid training course to avoid disappointment when they sit the test.

I wish you the very best,


P.A. Alan, does your comment require me to give an answer?

Andylu2 , there’s a pretty good book that lists the 600 most common vocabulary words on the TOEIC test and has related practice questions as well, its split up into different sections. Here it is at Amazon:

amazon.com/s/freeenglishte-2 … IC&x=0&y=0

Note: I didn’t write this book or anything so I’m not getting any money if you buy it or not, I’ve just used it in my classes before.