Who does more winking?

Who do you think does more winking – on the forums as in real life – men or women? It doesn’t have to be a general survey, just your opinion. I didn’t go counting all the wink Emoticons on the site, but my guess is that there are more ‘he-winkers’.

According to my mother, when she was young it was considered rude for women to do so. If a man winked at you in those days, his intentions couldn’t possibly be very good, not to say indecent. Times change and, even if
intentions are the same (good old human nature), reactions are not.

I’ve never got used to doing it myself, but I see winking as a harmless and cute signal of complicity – just the tiniest little bit naughty and challenging, perhaps. What do you think?

Hi Conchita,

You certainly come up with them! Who’d have thought we’d be discussing winking on the forum? But it started me thinking about the amount of communication carried out by body language. Come to think of it why not a body language site? We could then delve into semiotics and really go to town. Talking of winks I learnt about the origin of a word the other day on a new programme on BBC TV called Balderdash and Piffle which takes a look every week at a group of words trying to find when they were first used. If they find an earlier reference to the one in the OED (Oxford English Dictionary), it is then presented to some of the editors and if there is sufficient evidence, it goes into thedictionary. Anyhow back to the origin I was talking about. The word is hoodwink meaning trick or deceive and it comes from the procedure of putting a hood over the head of a person just before they were hanged.

Now there’s a cheering thought for a Wednesday morning.


Maybe this would be interesting:

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And another interesting thing (I was really surprised upon reading it!) (formatting is mine):

Lee, C. The Mercury Project for Instant Messaging Study: How Does Instant Messaging Affect Interaction Between the Genders?

The full article is available at stanford.edu/class/pwr3-25/g … enders.pdf at no cost. It’s very intersting (from my point of view), but is too long to be cited completely