Who did 9/11?

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German Poll: 89% Question 9/11

January 24, 2011
Source: 9/11 Truth News
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A recent poll sponsored the German magazine Welt der Wunder resulted in 89% of the respondents saying they don’t believe the US government has told the whole truth about 9/11. The poll was conducted by the Emnid Institute and questioned 1005 German men and women over the age of 14. Both the magazine and the polling organization have called the results “scary and surprising”, according to a press release from Bauer Media.
“Such a widespread opinion is a strong warning for our politicians,” says political scientist Nils Diederich, Professor at the Freie Universität Berlin. “I am appealing to the federal government to react.”

Highly offensive… these delusional people – especially here in the US; I understand how leftist/anti-American poll questions can be misleading, so I’ll let the dumb-ass Germans walk away before I personally kick their asses for even thinking we would do that to ourselves. Hey Germans, did your grandparents love Hitler? Did they personally want him to kill six million Jews? (that is how retarded this conspiracy shit is… a bunch of nutjobs who need to get jobs or otherwise find something constructive to do).

Every 9/11 conspiracy theory has been thwarted either by the laws of physics, the constraints of time, logic, or eye witnesses.

If you want to blame someone for 9/11 (on the US side of it), blame Clinton: we could have killed that POS Bin Laden in the mid-90s but our forces were not given the green light from Washington.

Al Qaeda is to blame for 9/11. If the CIA and FBI missed clues, so be it, but they did (and do) their best to stop such things from happening.

It’s been nearly ten years, and most of us are trying to move on. Just like the moon thing, man, if there had ACTUALLY been a conspiracy, SOMEONE in the know would have said something by now.

But, like the moon landing, nobody has. People should sometimes keep their delusions to themselves.

I have nothing against you personally – we’d probably drink some suds and have a good time together – but no way in hell would any sane American want to help plan to kill, or help others to kill, thousands of Americans. Insane people kill thousands indiscriminately, on purpose. People die in wars, sure, and sometimes innocent people die. But aside from small, isolated cases, in Iraq and Afghanistan we’ve been going after Saddam (check), the anti-democracy insurgents in Iraq (work in progress; now hopefully the Iraqi forces can bring them around to modern sensibility), and the totalitarian Taliban in Afghanistan (also a WIP).

I didn’t vote for Obama. But as much as I disagree with his ideas, never ever would I doubt his love for my country and, in the end, if he were hanging from the edge of a cliff, I would try to save him. Because he is the chief executive of my country, he is an American, and he is a sane, empathic, non-psycho individual.

Nukes and major military force are not going to kill all the bad guys/nutjobs… we need to devise a sort of spray/mist we can deploy to cure Antisocial Personality Disorder and various modes of psychosis.


Have a good day, dude.


I agree
These Arabs are out of line, their miscreant deeds are beyond the pale. Their insolence makes me want to puke. Where do they get off acting haughty, disrespectful and violent to others? Their animocity knows no boundaries. The mere fact that they want to build the freaking mosque on ground zero goes to show that they have no decency whatsoever.
Their religion is violent and perverted (for one, the Koran states that it’s ok to molest children - when I learned about that fact, that made my hair stand on end). They really should keep their religion to themselves - I don’t care what they preach on their soil, but it pains me to see how their religion spreads its squeady tentacles all over the world.

Messed up this edit :slight_smile:

I think Tom was drawing an analogy between how people react to the events of 9/11 and how people react to Hitler. You don’t see people strutting around and blaming the Germans for Holocaust, because it is acknowledged by everyone that it was the fault of one very disturbed and belligerent individual and his invidious actions towards mankind.
The same holds true for 9/11 - you can’t suspect the Americans of having anything to do with 9/11 because the Al Quaida militants were wholly responsible for 9/11. Those opinion polls make no sense. It’s unfathomable to imagine that the US Government had a hand in 9/11, or that it had any knowledge that something of the kind was in the making.

Why in God’s green Earth would the US Government deliberately put its citizens in harm’s way? It simply makes no sense at all.

As it is that beloved to refer to Hitler, he once had his Nazis burning down the “German Reichstag” and blaming the Jews for that. After it was done , he annulled civil laws and made himself to dictator. Similar to Julius Caesar or Nero who harmed their own people in order to get the might. Did that make sense? Isn´t there a great effort to controll everybody and everything, right now? Body scanner on airports and stuff? Overdone security at government buildings???

I don’t believe in polls. They are easily corrupted; and they are very subjective. They never reflect the truth.

1005 Germans over the age of 14 does not represent an opinion held by all of the people of a whole country. What kind of persons did the institute choose to ask? What was the criteria? For example, if a poll with the title of “Do you believe that Nazis have a future in Germany?” is conducted by a magazine, and 71% of the persons (readership) asked “happen to be” neo-Nazis, it would make Germans look as though 71% of them favor Nazi views. How neutral and objective were the interviewees at the time of the poll? What is their background? Do Germans who doubt the theory that the American government is responsible for the 9/11 attacks even bother to participate in such a poll, thinking that such a question is utter nonsense?

1005 is not 81,757,600

If I would conduct a poll in my city, and I would ask an amount of people on the Market Square comparable to 1005 for the whole country, the percentage would definitely not be 89%.

Thanks to such polls, we are all measured by the same yardstick

lolol Claudia, what do you make of government elections? From what I know the places for election in Britain are called “poll-station” :slight_smile:

elections include all people of a whole country. Everybody can participate. Polls only include a certain amount of people. Often they are aimed at specific groups. The interviewees are being chosen by the institute that conducts the poll.

That’s like comparing apples with oranges.

It really depends on the way a particular poll is carried out: how the participants are selected for the poll.
Opinion polls, if conducted correctly, can be pretty accurate.

We can play the numbers game till those cows come home from holiday again…
89% or 70% or even Thirty-six percent(Scripps-Howard poll) is neither here nor there The point is that as Time magazine(not some fringe kooky website)points out…

9/11 truth is"not a fringe phenomenon. It is a mainstream political reality".

Our Tort System wrote:

My point exactly :wink:

Immediately after writing the diatribe about Germans/Hitler, I thought “oh crap, i should explain that.” But I was a bit buzzed and tired, so I just kept on with the (somewhat mean) post.

Our Tort System did an excellent job of explaining the point. (danke)
Apologies if anyone took anything personally.


As if Christianity were any less violent. How about the Crusades, the Dark Ages, just to name a few?

P.S: I’m an atheist.

Hello Atomos,

nowaday´s christianity to me means [size=117][color=red]love your next[/size] and [size=117][color=red]cheat all the others[/size]. Sure, there are people who obey the rules but -similar to the Islam- religion is quite often used to excuse everything. As Luther said: as soon as the coins are ringing in the case the soul can jump up to heaven. For explanation: Luther has been a great reformer of the religion and founder of the Evangelism

By the way, two years ago I was in the Buddhist Temple in Saigon. There was a table in it on which donated fruit and bread was piled up. The tourist guide told me that all that food was given to poor people later. I must say, I was impressed since all that food had been fresh. Usually when Christians donate something it´s money and the greatest amount gets stuck in Churche´s or welfare union´s purse. Am I being too enthusiastic about the Buddhism?


  1. Christians don’t hijack airplanes and crash them into twin towers.
  2. Christians don’t make bomb threats and they most certainly don’t make good on bomb threats.
  3. Christians don’t make it a point to track down and slay everybody who’s not a Christian.
  4. Christians don’t allow incest.

Tort you are starting to sound like another example of how Racism is used in the US military?

To be honest, although I’m an atheist, I have a lot of respect for Buddhism, for Buddhism has historically been the least violent religion. Also, unlike other religions, Buddhism doesn’t claim its words are the absolute nor does it believe in a personal Creator, which makes it fully compatible with Science.

“If there is any religion that could cope with modern scientific needs it would be Buddhism.” Albert Einstein