Who can protect our site from bots, spiders and downloaders?

Dear Forum members,

It would be great if you could support us in keeping our site up and running. Maybe you know somebody who can do the job outlined below. If so, please have them contact us so we can agree on a price and talk about the details. Many thanks! Torsten

We need somebody who can protect our server from spiders, bots and downloaders. Every time such a program downloads a huge number of our pages at once, our server goes down. Here is what you should do:

  1. Change Apache settings
  2. Analyze access_log or even better: Analyze AWStats log file
  3. make changes to .htaccess so that bots are blocked
  4. use command “iptables”
  5. include a joint file in all php files for analysis (save results in text file or MySQL database)
  6. use blacklist (Whois Records)
  7. any additional methods and security steps

Please let us know if you can do this job and why you think you can do it. Also, please give us a quote as to the price of your services.

Many thanks,

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