Who am I?

Hello everybody
I’m Elnaz from Iran. I am civil engineer; although, my major is transportation. I have MS and I’m going to continue my studies abroad. My goal is US. But I need language certification, TOEFL is better.

I feel weakness in speaking and listening. When I searched Internet sites about TOEFL exam, I found this site. In first vision, it looks complicated but when I searched more, I liked it and now, I’m very interested in being active in it.

I study English by myself without any language class; although, my father is English teacher in Iran. But you know, I spent all of my time in studying other lessons, because I love Math, so I’ m behind in English among my friends.

As I said, I like this site very much and I want thank about establishing, managing and organizing it.

Hi Elnaz,
welcome to this website.It is out of this world!I’m sure you’ll love it.
why don’t you attend any English classes?

hello elnaz how are you doing? i’m saeed 20 from iran i’d like to learn english too you’ve said you study english yourself but english classes are really efficient in learning english my cosin is english master he said me to learn english just use it in writing ,speaking etc by the way we can write eachother emails to improve our english this is my email srmsaeed@yahoo.com
best wishes !

hi Elnaz,
as i see there’s a lot of Iranains here. so am i. my name is Mojgan. I’m really interested in English. I used to study in an institute n I studied until TOFEL but i was 15 n didn’t take the exam('cause of validation). now I’m 16 n studying 4 myself. not forgetting the language, I found this site a great place.
very nice to meet Persians here like u.
good luck!

Hi everybody
Thanks so much. I was glad when I saw your massages. Dear Sasan, I attended an English class this summer for TOEFL but only for Reading and Writing. It was so useful. You know, my problem is in speaking. How can I exercise and use easily idioms or expressions in daily conversation? I don’t know. Do you know any useful book for this purpose?