While vs. Whilst

Hi guys,
Please explain me where should I use while and when I have to use whilst instead of while?

Thanks - Mixmixi

Both words have the same meaning. While is standard; whilst is usually considered poetic or formal; whilst is used even less in America than in England.

I would advise you to use only “while”. They mean the same thing, but to many people “whilst” sounds very archaic. It is not wrong to use “whilst”, but to most of the world’s native English speakers the word will make you sound as if you have stepped out of the 17th century.

Good morning Mix.

Although true that Whilst is seldom used nowadays, it would be noted with interest in your essay.

It is more formal than While, but your using it in your essay would indicate that you are aware of its existence.

It is as seldom used as Whom v Who in general conversation.


Thank you all for your answers. Appreciate that.