which would you prefer? high salary or more vacation

Views differ greatly, when it comes to the choice that which people would prefer, high salary with short vacation, or more time to vacation with lower salary. Some people prefer the former one, because they think they can enjoy their large mount of money when they are retire, the period in which they will also have a lot of time. However, other strongly opposed this claim, cite that we human should enjoy every day during our life, neither too tense nor too loose, and we don’t need so much money. I agree with the later one, following are some reasons to support my viewpoint.

First and foremost, as an old Chiese saying goes: we don’t bring any money away or in when we are dead or birth. In other words there is no need for us to pay attention to how much we earned, the only thing that worth us to concern is our life quality. Take my uncle John for example, my uncle once was hold a shoe factory, and he devote all his spirit to this factory, working day and night, finally he made a lot of money, whereas after a succeed in business he got a heart disease, the doctor saids that this kind of disease may coused by long time tired work. and he suggest my uncle John not work so hard, just enjoy his retirement. this is means that high intense work may lead to a horrible disease. between health and few money, I’d like to choice the second one.

Moreover, high salary can also caused some criminal, because those people who envy you have such a lot of money may just rob your welth. suppose you work every day and some times you have to do some extra time, and your house will have long time with out host, this give the criminal the chance to steal your money and credit card from your home.

last but not least, more vacation time means we will have more time to spend with our family, and friends, in modern society, relationship between family and friends is become more and more important, because those people who have a close relationship with us may do us a favor when we are really in need of help.

In conclusion, although high salary is not some thing really bad, but I still choice more vacation time. for it allows me to have more time with my family, in addition, lower salary doesn’t mean I cann’t support my family. As a result, I refute the idea that high salary with short vacation is more popular among us.

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