Which would you choose to buy: a house or a business.

Topic: You have enough money to purchase either a house or a business. Which would you choose to buy? Give specific reasons to explain your choice.
So far the question whether to purchase a house or a business has generated a heated debate among the society. While some people believe that the purchase of a house could bring you somehow a stability in life, the others believe that the purchase of a business can provide you with prosperity. However, every person reaches a mutual agreement that a person who purchases a business or create one can bring major implication to the society in practical terms. Therefore, it is my belief that it is my decision to purchase a business.
First of all, a purchase of a business can fulfill the expectation as well as the urgent need for job of the society at the moment. As a matter of the fact, since the catastrophic economic crisis in 2008, many people, who used to significantly contribute to the development of the society, have been facing to threat of unemployment. Under the shadow of economic crisis and a bleak prospect forward, the society is hugely demanding the growth of business to mitigate the long-term and widespread effect of the corruption of the economy. Therefore, my decision of purchasing a business can bring considerable benefits to those who are now suffering from their job lost. Having a job means having a financial support for their family. A purchase of one house cannot in anyway be held in a comparison with the potential purchases of many more houses as a result of increasing wages and a higher living standard.
Secondly, the purchase of a business can expand your horizon. In fact, purchasing a business offers you a chance to meet a variety of people and deal with unprecedented difficulties. Additionally, every lesson written in economic books once was an experience gain from real live cases. There is an opportunity right there for you to learn when you decide to purchase a business. Steve Job’s story still remains a supreme example of how you can push back the boundary of knowledge by taking a risk being involved in a business. By seeing the promising prospect of the personal computer, he made a risky decision to purchase and take part in the operation of computer production. He eventually gave birth to the first Apple Computer, which is now regarded as a major breakthrough in the history of the human kind.
Some people assert that purchase a business means taking more threat to your life. However, taking risk has been an fundamental part of the development of the human society. Taking risks means you are paying the opportunity costs for later generations. A simple decision can lay a framework for an ideal world in which my grandchildren and yours will be living in.
In conclusion, the purchase of a business is an optimal decision. According to the reasons set forth therein, it is my belief that I will never regret.

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Hi Quang, great to see another essay from you. You have some great ideas in this essay and have addressed the prompt well, though I think your thesis statement could be more clear. Unfortunately, you have a lot more awkward or odd sounding phrases in this essay than in your previous one. You also have some word choices that just don’t quite fit. So overall, I think I could only rate this one a 3.5 out of 5.

Thank you very much Luschen :smiley: