Which version?


When you write something/read something/say something/hear something in English, does it bother you whether it’s a version of British English or American English? Or come to that, any other version of English?


If I read fiction by Nigerian writers, for example, I like it to be in Nigerian English.


I only dislike the way the British accent sounds, it is hard for me to comprehend what is being said. Other than that, I don’t really care.


Is there a, single, British accent?

I was referring to the Island as a whole.

I have found recently British accent more difficult to understand as American in general, I am not going to refer to any of relative small groups inside both of main English accents.
South African next one of English accents , I have many times mistakenly taken as kind of some “noble” Scottish. What I remeber about the past, it was quite opposite. I was bad in understanding any American English and I could have worked much more easier when talking to British. It was almost impossible for me to understand people in Nigeria and India but with time I did some progress. Namibia’s English very close to South African English was heard different when spoken by Whites and by Blacks.Whites were talking quite clear but not so smoothly as I had expected , English is there second language mostly not used at home.
I would use much more British texts for sure but in States the audio market and the books publications are more developed and therefore more atractive, a lot of very interestings books are written only in American English.
For this reason I am more and more in touch with USA language.
American universities (teams for some historical projects) have done very good jobs, I would say they express themselves in very clear and concise way.