Which US university can I get into with these GRE scores?

Help needed…
I have done B.Sc. Biotechnology and am keen to pursue Masters in Biotechnology or Bioinformaticsin US.

Gave my GRE - 640 verbal, 600 quant and 5.0 analytical. Also in my degree, i scored 64%.

what i need to know is - Which universities will give me an offer based on above scores and which ones will give me a scholarship? :frowning:

Please help and thanks in advance guys :?: !!

Hi tiarielle,

I’d try to apply for a scholarship at your desired university first. Decisions to grant a scholarship are always based on more than one factor. And if you really want to know whether they expect a certain score, you can always write them a nonchalant email :wink:


As Ralph mentioned, there’s more to consider than just the GRE Score. Some schools have expectations, some programs don’t even require a GRE score, and others just use it for awarding scholarships.

Even the ones that do require a score, may be somewhat flexible on the score if you can offer proof of other expertise or experience.

I think your approach is backward; instead, pick your schools based on what they can offer you. When you find programs you’re interested in, then investigate their requirements. Sometimes they will list requirements on that particular department’s webpage. If not, contact the designated program director (this should be listed on their site) asking what (if any) GRE requirements they have.

Also, be aware that there are often differences in requirements between what the overall university requires, compared to a specific department or program within that university requires.

hey friends,
my gre score is 1370 (verbal:570 quant:800)… and my undergraduate degree (B.tech) is 67%

please suggest me some universities for engineering courses, where i might get some scholarship or otherwise also…

also do i have a chance in good universities like coronel or yale or columbia university?

Hi Nishith. Do you really got this much score in your GRE?
You are such a brilliant guy and you are posting your thread in some other guys thread?
At least go through the site and post your question as a new thread instead of hijacking someone’s thread.

I also think the same,
You got such a high score and GRE is the first requirement in most of US universities. owever if you plan to apply in Australia GRE is not required even.