Which Sentences Sound More Natural

Please tell me which of these sentences sounds more natural, though all are grammatically correct:-

  1. Should I going playing after studying ?

  2. Should I go to play after studying ?

  3. What purpose should I go outside for ?

  4. For What purpose should I go outside ?

They are not all grammatically correct. These are:

  1. Should I go shopping/dancing/skiing/swimming/etc after studying?
  2. Should I go to play/ see a movie / practice piano/etc after studying?
    3. What should I go outside for?
  3. For what purpose should I go outside?

Also, do not leave a space before question marks.

#1, #2 and #3 are all common. The choice of #1 and #2 depends on the verb. #4 is very formal.

After reading the answer, a word struck to my mind and that was: awesome

You’re awesome, surely you’re a very good teacher :slight_smile:
I’m not saying just by the way, I’m serious. In future If I get a chance surely I’d try my best to be your student.

Though I study all the day long even then I want there should be a native speaker whom I can discuss because being a native speaker you know the natural/right way to say something perfectly. I bookmarked your site and I wish, the day will come soon.

Thanks for answering :slight_smile: I got that.

If it’s possible, can you tell me? How many verbs fall in #1 category and #2 so that I never make a mistake again.

I have never seen them listed, MyEfforts, and I don’t think they could be, but I can tell you that the #1 verbs are much more limited: they are the verbs which contain an element of movement in some sense, so that such as these are included:

go bowling
go drinking
(i.e. go to different places to drink, probably)
go jogging
go cycling


What about for what should I go outside? I mean if I can omit the word purpose.