which one is correct: 'angry at' vs 'angry with s.o'

i would like to know the difference between these words and if they are correct or not:

angry at / angry with s.o

to complain of / to complain about s.th

disappointed by / disappointed with s.th

to sacrifice to someone or for someone

I would like that you help me by inserting them into sentences.

thank you

These optional prepositions are difficult to explain in total-- some can be used interchangeably and others are distinguished by collocation. Here are some typical uses:

[i]I got angry with/at my wife for burning the roast.

He complained of indigestion/a backache.
He complained about the service/the weather/the election.

She was disappointed by/with/in/about the poor turnout at her meeting.

I sacrificed my seat to the old lady.
I sacrificed my comfort for the old lady[/i].

Other members may have other opinions or other examples.

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