Which is written better?

Hi, readers and writters here!
I need you to explain me one Grammar situation: “a bit too much cream”. I miss there preposition “of” a bit too much of cream. How it is better or more correct?

It is a good question because it is standard to have ‘too much of something’, and you can say ‘Don’t give me too much of the cream’ or ‘Give me a lot of (the) cream’. However, ‘of’ is not used in that phrase.
Other examples:
too much water (no of)
too much milk (no of)
too much juice (no of)
yoo much sugar (no of)
too much rice (no of)
too much money (no of)

By the way, it’s always "Please explain to me…’ and you should note the spelling of ‘writers’.

Thank you a lot for your fast answer and I would like to appologize my impolite style when I was asking for help. I will remember you hint. Have a nice day.

Hello Marinesse,

Your style was not impolite. You just made some simple mistakes.

I spend at last time one year in England and I know how it is important to be able not only speak English but to have a good manner and I mean conversation too. That is reason I am here. I am very good speaker in my language and I use to make very often really complicated and long sentences. That my way of conversation makes me problem to speak English, because I would like to use my “long” ideas, but my English language skills are not enough for me. Excuse me, I did not want to waste your time.

I appreciate how frustrating it must be when you cannot express yourself as fluently in English as you do in your mother tongue. I think you’re doing amazingly well and I’m sure that you will improve with time.