which is the right answer and why?

Choose :

Egypt is the first Arab country to launch a … satellite.

  1. communication
  2. communications

which is the right answer and why ?

My opinion: 1


My opinion 2.

A satellite is capable of multiple transmissions/communications.

. Double post.

For sure, your opinion is the correct one. I don’t know why I am making mistakes on answering to such questions these days,lol. Thank you Kitos.


Hi Kitos,

Please check the following sentences.

  1. a communication satellite suggests a single purpose satellite.
  2. a communications satellite suggests a multipurpose satellite.

Am i correct?


Good morning David. I think your first sentence cannot logically be considered as correct,
unless it was a small satellite, whose sole purpose was to only transmit photographs back to the receiver.

I may be very wrong, but that is my thoughts on the matter.


Sorry, double post … AGAIN!

The second option is correct, because such satellites are stationed in space for the purpose of telecommunications, and have multiple functions, such as TV & radio broadcasting, mobile apps, & fixed transmissions.

As has previously been stated.

Thank you Kitos, Skimskambone

If the second is correct can you explain then?

Barron’s TOEFL Review of Structure and Written Expression
Nouns That Function as Adjectives
Remember that when two nouns occur together, the first noun desribes the second noun; that is, the first noun functions as an adjective. Adjectives do not change form, singular or plural
An example: All of us are foreign LANGUAGE teachers
Avoid using a plural form for the first noun even when a second noun is plural. Avoid using possesisve form for the first noun.

I got confused

Hello kitosdad,
a communication satellite.
a communications satellite.
What do we call the words communication and communications in syntax?


Hello vladis,

Interesting question. Welcome to the English language! If it isn’t confusing, you’re not thinking! For just about any rule there can be an exception. Often, there is no good explanation for it. In this case, the reasons given above come into play, as well as the fact that “communications” is an adjective in this case. Sometimes the best way to learn certain things in English is via immersion & just getting used to it, bc going over the rules (while good to do) to make sense of them will just confuse you. Articles are a good example of this. There really is no good reason to use them, except that it is how English has come to evolve. Other languages don’t use them, & one can easily see how they really aren’t necessary. The rules for articles can seem arbitrary & crazy & they kind of are.

Hm, I’m not sure if the following are the best examples of similar phrases to the “satellite” one, but the terms, “sports coach” and “Women’s studies department” come to mind.

Hope this helps.