Which is correct? Do or Can

Hi Mentors,

I just want to ask about the correct sentence.

  1. Can you hear me?

  2. Do you hear me?

Thanks in advance


Both may be appropriate.
‘Can you…’ is usually a direct enquiry about ability to hear. For example, can you hear me at the back of the room?’
‘Do you…’ is often used to enquire about a more active ‘listening’ aspect of hearing you. For example, I want you to tidy up your room after school. Do you hear me? Answer me when I’m speaking to you.

can is correct

can you hear me? means if you are talking with any person if those person not give any answer on that time if you ask him can you hear me? on that time it is ok

Thank you so much Beeesneees and Kaduba_80 for clarifying.

I always use CAN but one of my friends told me that CAN is wrong. That is the reason why I asked. Thank you again!

“Can you hear me?” is probably the most common of the two forms, so I don’t know where your friend got that idea.

He told me that he got it from his English teacher who is a filipino. :wink: