Which is Better policy to develop house/business or to leave the land natural?

Which do u think is the better policy in your country: to develop land for houses and business, or to leave the land undeveloped and natural. Use specIfic reasons to explain your opinion.

Now a day, in race of technology, we are forgetting to take care of nature.The environment plays a big role in development of one’s country. Although to meet a demand increased population and technology, In my view ,the better policy for the country is to leave land undeveloped and natural as mach as possible. I believe so because I like to stay healthy, quite and natural environment.

To begin with, many of the commercial and residencial area are built on agriculture land which can be used for cultivation. Including misuse of the land, they increase the pollution too. Increased number of businesses like chemical factories or any automobile factories will lead to pollution in country.To compensate the pollution, we should preserve our forests and the other areas. Maintaining healthy environment is one of my concern. So I believe to leave the certain area undeveloped and the nature.

Secondly, the impact of global warming can be decreased by the natural area. Now a day, we are passing through a scenario that the climate is changing drastically in all over the world due to global warming. The level of sea are raising, the rain is raining in offseason or certain animal species are migrating due to unfavorable environment for them to leave. Ultimately, all these affects the cycle of the earth. Thus, I would prefer to leave a nature as it is.

To sum all, Though we know that world is growing very faster rate, it is hardly possible to leave the land environment as it is, but being an environment lover, I would prefer the policy which leaves the land undeveloped and natural. There are many advantages to do so as I mentioned above.

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Hi Kattie, I thought your essay was ok, but maybe not one of your best. You have a good format and have addressed the topic correctly and given some good examples, but overall your writing sounds a bit awkward and unnatural, as you have quite a few errors in usage and grammar. Overall, I would rate this one a 3.5 out of 5.