Which flowers do you love most?

Hi everyone,

I love flowers, quite every flower but of course I prefer some to others. Flowers symbolize the vitality and beauty of the nature in such a wonderful way that I can stay for hours to admire them. As many other people, I love many famous flowers such as roses (white, red, yellow), orchids, daisy, lily, mimosa, tulip, amaryllis,…But I also have a great admiration for lotus for its purity. Lotus grows up in mud that is black, however its leaves, buds and flowers go out of the water with such wonderful colours and perfume ! Lotus is popular in Asia and beside the flowers, its seeds are very good to eat and they help you sleep dead to the world.

I also love very simple flowers in countryside such as lemon, grapefruit, orange, and peach for their wonderful fragrance. All of them are going to blossom to welcome the Lunar New Year.

Sunflower is another flower that catches my total attention & admiration for it cheerful colour and the meaning of its name. A wide field of sunflowers, or just one sunflower, are something so marvellous for me to contemplate.

I can really spend a whole day to talk about flowers and make an endless list. But I’ll come back in another moment. In the mean time I’d like you - flower lovers - to share your opinion and let me know which flowers you love most.


Hello Huong,

what would be the world without flowers? A bland and dreary place, I say. As you know, I don’t have a green thumb, but that doesn’t keep me from admiring flowers. Other people’s flowers, but so what? lol

My personal favorite is the Orchid. Some people say it’s on “old lady” flower, but I don’t care. It’s easy to care for, a real tough thing, and it comes in so many wonderful and abstract colors and shapes. And my favorite of the beauties I found on the Internet is the black one below.


The wallflower.

Hi Claudia & Ralf,

Thanks for posting beautiful photos. Wow, the black orchid is really a rare beauty! I have seen orchids of many different colours but never seen the black one before. I also love the yellow ones.

Ralf, the wallflowers posted by you are made of wood,aren’t they ? It must be a very elegant interior design :slight_smile:

Have you ever seen the trailing arbutus ? Have a look and let me know if you like them…


Hello Huong,

I’ve never heard of the trailing arbutus (they look really cute), but I believe the purple ones on your additional post are trumpet flowers, aren’t they? There are a lot of them where I live.

The following pictures are of flowers that I came across on my walks in spring/summer 2009. The butterfly on the cornflower (I like cornflowers a lot, too!) I photographed in the “black swamps” in the Rhön mountains. I took the picture of the field of purple flowers (I don’t know their name, perhaps you know?) in Breitwald near Karlstadt. My friend photographed the gray/white butterfly, though.

I’ll post more personal photos of flowers once spring has arrived.