Which country do you wanna visit?

I wanna visit any European country. in my eyes, Europe means elegance, advancement, romantic atmosphere. maybe Italy is the most typical one

what about you guys?

As for me, I would like to visit England, China and Japan. I always admired at these nations!

I want to visit the UK, France, Japan, Greece, Croatia, New Zealand and Australia. I don’t know why…I just want to

as for me a wanna visit uk or Germany
uk because I wanna improve my english language
and learn english there
Germany : because I have relatives in Germany

As for me

I would like to visit Netherlands

so when someone say 'Holland"

I remember my memories at there

You know…I decided to think a while…and I don’t want to visit the countries I’ve written about. I want to visit all the countries of the world!!!

I want to go to South Africa. :slight_smile:
I don’t know why. It’s just fascinating.

I wanna visit the whole world.I yearn many other countries from all over the world. 8)

I want to visit France. I can visit beautiful buildings and eat delicious food. :wink: :

I’d like to visit Australia, but for at least half a year to get to know as much as possible.
Also I’d like to spend some time in the USA, especially California - why?!? Don’t know really, it’s such an interesting state with so many opposites - the wide deserts, the beaches…
Within Europe - definitely England, but not only visiting, but living there is my dream. Then - Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Iceland…

I want to visit South Africa, New Zealand, Germany, and UK.

When thinking about traveling, I do not think about a country but places of interest. For instance, I would like to visit Egypt not because I want to meet Mr Mubarak, but to see the pyramids. Apart from Egypt, I would like to see ancient places in Iran, Greece and other countries. I would also like to see wild nature in National Parks in Kenya, Botswana, India and the bank of Amazon River. And also, I would like to see different cultures from the USA, Germany to Afghanistan and China. (I have already been to the UK and served in the Soviet army in Russia.) Iran and Afghanistan is very interesting country for me because I studied Farsi at the university.

Ahmadov, don’t you want to see Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate, and Opera House?

Well, historical sightseeings attract me more than modern ones. I visited London Eye in the UK but it did not impress me much. However, I enjoyed my visits to the British Musuem and the National Gallery for ancient exhibitions there. I also visited an Aztec exhibition and enjoyed it at the Royal Academy of Art in 2003.

I’m more interested in the people than in the sights, the more different from me, the better. Of course, some landscapes are too much for words, but I normally end up wanting to visit little villages and find out how people live. Museums and monuments are not my cup of tea, I’m afraid (many foreigners know much more about the Prado than I do). So any far away place will do, from the Far East to Australia, but also – and more within my reach – Tunisia, the Eastern European countries or Scandinavia.

Actually, I may fall in love with a country or its inhabitants after reading about them in a book, for example (when reading Alexandra Lapierre’s ‘Fanny Stevenson’ I wanted to go to the Pacific Islands).

I very much agree with Conchita. You are right - people from different countries are the most interesting element when it comes to traveling. Go to a restaurant or pub and observe life around you. How do people interact with each other? Look at their body language, their gestures and listen to their language. What does it sound like? Can you recognize words that seem to occur on a frequent basis? Try saying those words yourself and you will see that this can be fun. What can you learn from the way other people live? Can you see any differences between your country and the country you are visiting? It’s often the small things that most interesting…