Which cartoon do you like best?

There is a lot of cartoons.Which one do you like better?please tell me!!!come on!!!

“COW AND CHICKEN” is my favourite one!!! :lol:
I love them!!! :lol:

The Ninja Turtles :smiley:

  • and the Disney classics, of course!

I like a lot of cartoons…but mostly the old Russian ones. Theyre full of kindness, beauty, friendship and very colorful and beautiful pictures. But sometimes its a real fun to see old Disney cartoons.

Jailbird, I guess you are Russian.

The other day as I was in Germany we had -again- a popstar-contest. The group which won is titled “Nu Pagadi”. Does this sound familiar to you as well, you as a cartoon lover?
I have a Russian friend in Germany who travels from Germany to Russia permanently, back and forth. He told me that this decision the Jury of Popstars made was more than ridiculous because nobody in Russia or Russian Germans (sounds weird, but that’s it) would think of them seriously…What is your opinion?

[This subject is not really intersting, but keep going the discussion…just experiences in talkative writing (does this excist?)]

Hi Pilates!!!
Yes, this sounds more than just familiar to me))) Its the cartoon I was brought up on and still my small nephews are. Its a really funny story about a tiny & pretty Hare and a wonderful though a bit cruel Wolf. It looks like Tom & Jerry thoug I find our cartoon kinder and nicer…though its only my own opinion. And as for the title of the group, well if I herad that I wouldnt help laughing… Its funny though I dont think a lot of people just got it))) But still that`s funny)))

He ya,

I forget what it means. Is it “Wait. I will come again” ? I’m not sure.

Definitely! That`s exactly what it means!!! )))

Have you ever heard of such a stupid name for a "Glamour"Popgroup? As you can see my opinion about the German Popstars is not really high, but naming a group like this only because you assume that most of the people don’t understand the meaning is more than ridiculous.

To come back to the threats topic…

I’m female, hetrosexual…but my favourite comic is Betty Boop :smiley: In my childhood I had a lila sweater-dress with Betty on it. This dress is from my momentary point of view the worst thing a mother can do to a child but since this day Betty Boop has been my favourite comic. It might be pathetic but I’m pretty glad that H&M has a lot of products with Ms Boop printed on it (like underwear, sleeping clothes, etc.).

Hi Pliates,

You are right - the quality and level of German pop groups refelext the mindset of large portions of our nation.
However, when it comes to the question how many people in Germany know and understand the phrase nu pagadi, you might be surprised by the answer: At least 10 million residents of Germany know what nu pagadi means.
PS: You certainly mean the threa[color=blue]d’s topic? :)[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi! I see you are addicted to NU PAGADI

Nono Thorsten, I meant threat :smiley:

I’m not addicted to Nu Pagadi, how can I? It’s just that I spend most of the time the final episodes of this documentary were sent in Germany with my family. I have a little sister of 12 who is -of course- totally crazy about every pop group which developed out of it.
I wouldn’t hear the music, sorry but …noho… But in this group are individualistic characters what I appreciate…for my little sister of course. To take another blond (I’m blond, don’t say a wrong word) stupid, pretty-face, slim-hipped girly band, write lowbrow texts for two or three chords, is not the best way to express music.