Whether today's preparation of foods has improved our lives

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Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

We all required to have a healthy body in order to be happier and having more hope for the future. One of the most important matters for being healthier is the way we eat and drink. Eating habits of us can be looked at it deeply to prognosticate of our real age and the rate of problems that we will be faced with them. A controversial issue that arises here is whether today’s facilities for preparing foods improved our lives or not? In my perspective, today’s evolution has largely improved the way we live in order to have an easier lifestyle.

First and foremost, modern technology makes everything more accessible than before. For example, my mother told a story of her childhood that she was going to learn making a specific new food but she could not find anyone who had been learnt that food to ask them about its recipe. After that, she had to go to another city and ask from a chef whose job is making this food for the church a couple of times per month. On the other hand, these days we all can find the recipe of either of foods as easily as clicking on the mouse and surfing on the web. As a result, the way of learning the instruction of different foods is much easier, faster and more accessible for us.

Beside the aforementioned point, different kinds of meats, fruits and drinks are accessible for us in all the time regardless of in which season we are. Also, the variety of available fruits and meats are more than before. For instance, cabbages was not available in my city around a century ago because of climate of here. Moreover, neither the satisfying routes from my city to his neighbors nor high speed vehicles was available here. Today, we have an international airport with tens of flies per day which plays an important role in transferring passengers, commodities and food to name but a few. To put in a word, the range of fruits and foods are not restricted to a special kinds of regions.

The main conclusion that should be drawn from this discussion is that modern technology has changed our way of living in every aspect. Although genetic engineering poses several problems for humans, merits of technology for our eating habits is largely outweigh over its demerits.

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Hi Alirrrrr, your writing here is pretty good, but you completely ducked the question. The prompt talks about “easier to prepare”, which you didn’t really mention in your essay at all. It is very important to stick to the prompt, or else they could give you an extremely low score for avoiding the topic. I think they are talking about appliances like microwave ovens and foods like frozen dinners, instant rice, and packaged and prepared items.