Whether students should be required to attend classes

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14- Some people believe that university students should be required to attend classes. Others believe that going to classes should be optional for students. Which point of view do you agree with? Use specific reasons and details to explain your answer.

Universities have been played a significant role in technologies progression as well as there are a suitable place for nurturing students as someone who will be an engineer, scientist, doctor or anyone who will be profitable and needed for the society. A controversial issue that comes here about universities is that whether students should be required to attend in the classroom. Personally, I believe that, academic places should have some rule to shout some penalties for students who would not attend in the classroom because students’ attendance in the classroom makes them more active and a better and livable atmosphere for campus.
First and foremost reason why student should be attended in the classroom is that they have to work for each session hardly because professors would take some quizzes in some weeks without inform to student. So, students have to get ready their selves for these kinds of surprises. Also, attendance in the classroom urges students to read more to show their ability to the professor by solving questions would professor make in the class and ask students to solve it for getting any bonus points. So, this happening makes a rival between students who want to be top ten students by showing their ability to the professor, as we know that by participating students in the classroom professor would able to evaluate students within the semester.

Another reason why I prefer to use this restriction for students lies on the fact that attending in the classroom makes university campus more livable because majority of students have to come there for participating in the classroom and it makes some relationships between professors and students. It could be useful to improve students’ social skills by spending their time with another’s who have different culture, religion or custom. Majority of students have to reserve their lunch in the university campus’ restaurants. It could urge some high prestigious fast food’s brands to open a branch in or off campus for students. Another example, I myself sometimes go in the campus for having a fun time and refreshing my mind. Moreover, I would have no work to do in the campus, but university’s atmosphere makes me satisfactory to come there.

Based on what have been mentioned above, I think that attendance in the classroom is a win-win choice for both students and university. As a result, using a restriction rule for this issue could be more profitable for society that is the destination of students as future experts.

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Hi Alirrrrr, I enjoyed reading your essay, but I thought this one had a lot more odd or awkward phrases than your previous writing. You have addressed the topic correctly and I think your structure is effective. You have some good examples, but your mistakes in usage and word choice make some of your arguments hard to follow. Overall, I would rate this a 3 out of 5.