Where was this photo taken? (selling propane)

So what do you think of this photo? What country was it taken and what do you see in it?


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Good morning Torsten. Looks like somewhere in Tibet to me.

My first thought was Mexico, but on second thought …



You can easily recognize the distinctive combination of bowler/derby hats and shawls.

Add in the Quechua and Aymara Indians you see, and it’s a given.

I rather doubt they’re selling water, though. I suspect those propane bottles do contain propane, instead of water.

I rather doubt they’re selling water, though. LOL.

I did have the same thought.

Hi. I think Peru is the Country or other from Central America and the people are buying propane gas.

Dear Torsten

Could I ask you about the root of Latin?
This photo ,either from Cusco or Lima.

Best regards.