Where is Jamie (K)?


It’s been many days since we last saw Jamie (K) in the forum! Any news about him?


I also miss him, actually. Let’s hope he’s just too busy at the moment or, better still, happily away on holiday!

maybe… he is very busy these days in his defence on Bush!!!
especially after Bush’s talk to TV. CNN about war in Iraq it like War in vietnam…

by the way, I wish he were in good health and he had good time.

let us wishes he were in well health.

Happy Eid


Hi Mba, it’s better to say He is very busy defending Bush. (Please note the phrase in defence of Bush).

You probably mean on TV?

Please try to put this into a complete sentence.

I’m quite sure Jamie is in good health and is having a good time.

Please check the difference between well and good.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I’ll be carefuly next Time and I’ll note all your notes.:wink:

really, I wish Jamie (K) were in good health.


By the way, Mba I’m very glad you have added your photo. to your profile. Now we know who we are talking to :-). Pleased to meet you ‘in person’.

As for Jamie (K), maybe we should try and focus on the things we have in common while at the same time accepting that we different opinions on a number of issues? I mean if we were of the same opinion all the time then life would be boring and there would be no point in discussing anything. It’s all about how we exchange opinions and views. There must be a certain culture of dialogue. What do you think?


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