Where had the photo been taken?


I tried to guess where the photo had been taken.
I couldn’t recognize the letters shown in the photo. It might be the alphabets, but it might be Arabic. Chinese letters were less likely.

I thought the flags at the four upper corner of the tram might be the key of the identification of the location.
They might be national flags.
They seemed to provide a yellow crescent or circle in red background.
I searched the national flags at the internet but I couldn’t find the perfect match.
One resembling flag was Chinese flag, which has yellow stars creating
a round circumference in red background
. But I thought it was different from the flags in the picture.
Another candidate was Turkish flog, which has a white crescent in red background.
Maybe they were Turkish flogs. The difference of white-and-yellow was merely a matter of light reflection.

Looking at the photo carefully, I found one peculiar thing. There were almost only men! I could count 19 people in the picture. I would like to exclude 2 people from account, because I could see only the part of their body and I couldn’t tell their gender. Excluding the two, among 17 people in the picture, there seemed to be only one woman. Rest 16 people seemed to be men.
I can’t see such things in Japan. Maybe there is a cultural difference. It might be because of Islamic culture where women tend to keep household.

So I concluded it might have been taken in Turkey.
Of course I’m not quite sure, because my reasoning have only weak evidence.

Are the underlined parts grammatically correct?
Any comment will be appreciated.
Thank you.