Where can I see my TOEIC score?

hi torsten how can I see my score after getting toeic test?

You can see your score on your TOEIC certificate which will receive from ETS. Provided you register at a certified TOEIC test center.[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: An accident[YSaerTTEW443543]

It’s not good that test takers cannot check their scores on-line…

You can see an estimate of your TOEIC score level. At www.onlineenglish900.com. You can take part in a TOEIC test preparation training course and see your level and where you need to improve. The website is written by an authorized TOEIC test administrator and operated by an Official TOEIC test center. Go and have a look!

I would like to enter TOEIC exam soon. Can anyone help me to get higher marks at it? It will be thankfully. Have a nice day.

I am Met and I am from Troy.

Is there any free online test that we can know our TOEIC score estimation ?

Hello Henry

The estimate given at OnlineEnglish ( www.onlineenglish.de ) is based upon a spread and as you complete the exercises (now over 5000 plus additional core skill practice exercises offering limitless practice and learning) the spread narrows.

During training you are also required to complete different level estimate tests that continually analyze progress, improvement, weakness plus a lot more… The test analysis and that of the completed training are combined to produce the TOEIC test score level estimation. This means that you must complete the training to get an estimate.

The 5 day membership is what we call the “quick-prep” membership for students that feel their English level is good enough, but wish to prepare to release their full potential and score higher. Other membership terms are available for those that wish to improve their English proficiency level as well as prepare for the TOEIC test.

Anyone that claims to give a TOEIC test estimate by only the completion of a single test are not only breaking the interlectual property rights and copyright of ETS, but are also making false claims.

There is a lot of development work behind the whole system. The 5 day membership at OnlineEnglish only costs 9,90 Euro! Is that not free enough for you?

There is only one way to get a TOEIC test level by the completion of just a single test and that is to sit the TOEIC test!


Although TOEIC prep sites and training exercises might be great it’s important to keep a sound balance. Remember that the TOEIC test is just a test rather than a reference book, an article, an audio book, a movie, a news report, a short story, etc.

The best preparation for the TOEIC is to change your language habits. Here is more on this: How to learn English? (30/30 Challenge)[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, question-response: How much does the package weigh?[YSaerTTEW443543]

Totally agreed with you, Torsten.

It’s no more than a test! Can not judge your English level via this kind of test since a lot of my colleagues earned around 700 (which is considered a good number here in Vietnam) but the problem is they CAN NOT talk! They might good at READING and WRITING (especially biz emails). That’s it!

The thing is that before taking any test, you MUST understand and get used to this test’s format to have a good warm-up and wait for the questions in anticipation.

hello torsten I dont know any thing about using your forum please tel me.by the way I cant pass comprehension tests appropriately please teach me I need it for 4 days

The very first thing that a student should understand …

When a student talks about the TOEIC Test, they most commonly mean (95%) the TOEIC listening and reading test. Therefore it is quite understandable that when scoring 700 points in the listening and reading test, a student may still have a problem in speaking.

The TOEIC speaking and writing test is a different test that is available for students wishing a certificate for these skills.

In some countries a student will increasingly see reference to a TOEIC 4 Skills Test. This is basically a test session that includes both the TOEIC listening and reading, and the TOEIC speaking and writing test.

AT OnlineEnglish a student can prepare correctly for the TOEIC L&R Test or the TOEIC S&W Test or Both (the TOEIC 4 Skills Test). OnlineEnglish also includes English grammar, vocabulary, phrases and much more in a training platform designed to help you, no matter what skill you need to improve or how high you wish to score.

Come and join the students that successfully improve their English skills and get the TOEIC score they require. Visit us at http://www.onlineenglish.eu