where can I find the material like this?

ea [i:] teach easy cheap please

ee [i:] jeep week green three

[e] heavy bread sweater weather
[ ]pioneer deer beer

[e ]break great
ei/ey [e ]eight neighbour they

ear [ ]hear dear near clear year
eu/ew [ju:] new few newspaper

[e ]bear pear wear swear
[u:] flew brew jewelry

[ :] earth learn early
ere ]here mere

er ir ur [ :] certainly bird Thursday

I want to learn the pronunciation of different letter or some groups of letters . where can I find the materials used by native speakers? thanks.


Hi Vaok,

I think partially what you’re asking for is what is known as minimal pairs; that is words that differ by only one sound.

Try these exercises for a lengthy list of minimal pairs in a quiz format.

Hope that helps.

thank you.
i want to know the rules of the pronunciation of letter or letters (in a fixed group like “tion”, ture, ai, ee, th, ect.)

Are there any rules like that?