When was the last...vs When did you last

Is there a difference in meaning in the following sentences?

  • When was the last time you saw him?
  • When did you last see him?

What do you say?

@Alan, @Arinker, @NearlyNapping, @Torsten, @Anglophile

Thanks in advance.

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For me, this describes a specific situation in which I saw or had contact with the person. This can be a meeting or any other event.

In my opinion, this can refer to any incident where I saw or noticed the person.


I think that basically they are the same, but, as Torsten said, the first would tend to be more about the circumstances when you saw him, perhaps “at the spring picnic.”
But, I think any answer you gave for one could also be used for the other.

You might also hear “When did you see him last.”


Thanks you both. I’m sorry I’m replying so late, but I haven’t been feeling well all day. I think I may have come down with the flu.

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