when there is 's'

Dear friend,

Sometimes these words confusing me very often:

1.Give this tickets to her when she come.

2.If she comes i will definitely give it to her.

On the first sentence the word ‘come’ there is no ‘s’ but on the (2) there is ‘s’.Im very bad in grammer would you kindly tell me what sort of part of speech are these two sentences belongs to.


Hi Gerald,

The first sentence is incorrect, which may be why you don’t understand it.

It should say ‘Give this ticket to her when she comes.’

In the second sentence, you should capitalize the word ‘I’.

Both sentences should have an ‘s’ after ‘come’.

Subject/verb agreement requires that a singular subject takes a singular verb. ‘Comes’ is singular, ‘come’ is plural.


They come.
She comes.

The first thing you can work on is your spelling. Simply use a spell checker that points out every spelling error you make. For example, it will tell you that the following words don’t exist in English:

  • Im
  • grammer
  • gerald

If you don’t develop the habit of spell checking your words, you will continue to make several spelling errors in every of your texts. Why make your life harder than it needs to be?


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From now on I will check my spellings and the Grammar too.