When their test flights did not produce

When their test flights did not produce as much lift as they had expected, they went back to first principles and carried out a series of scientific experiments, starting with the bicycle balance and moving on to their famous wind tunnel experiments.

  1. Is there any thing wrong with the above sentence?
  2. What is the meaning of the underlined parts?

‘Anything’ is one word.

The sentence is okay.

The first experiment they tried was one commonly called the bicycle balance.
Then they tried the wind tunnel experiments which they were famous for.
(A wind tunnel is the name for the special hangar in which they test the effects of movement of air on an aircraft)

What is the meaning of the “moving on to”?

…then they tried…

move on (to something) to start doing or discussing something new
I’ve been in this job long enough—it’s time I moved on.
Can we move on to the next item on the agenda?

It means they tried only two experiment one is “the bicycle balance” and another is " the wind tunnel experiments".

No. They tried many experiments in the wind tunnel. They may also have tried other types of experiment between the two mentioned.

Thanks, Now I understand the meaning of the sentence.