When should I start studying for the SAT?

Hello folks,

I am doing my high school and I am planning to take admission in college. After I complete my high school I want to attend a best college. I have researched and I know that I would have to take SAT for academic success in college. So this is my question to you when is the appropriate time to start preparing for this exam? I am so nervous about taking the test even though I have eight more months before I actually take the test. What resources do you recommend? How many times do you recommend taking this test? When should I take this? I am not that fond of math, I know that’s weird considering.
Help! Any tips would be great!

Thank you!

I hope that someone help yu
I cannot :slight_smile:

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you should check the SAT official website www.collegeboard.com for all SAT related updates and information.

Honestly, I don’t think you can start studying too early. If you work in a little test prep each day, your mind will begin to work in the SAT patterns. This is the best way to really retain information.

Good luck!

Yeah, I agree with you. If you practice a little bit every day, you are gonna be in good shape. Don’t leave it for the last minute. And another suggestion would be to take practice tests. There are a few out there that don’t charge a thing, like practicethesat.com; they are also running a weekly scheduled test and they give out a prize to the best score.

I know it sucks to put that time into practicing when you could be doing something way more fun, but its really important that you get motivated. Steve I think you have found that little extra motivation. Thanks for the link.

well everyone, the time has come to take the sat; its too late to prepare more for this test, but if you wanna take the next one, i would recommend steve’s link as well: practicethesat.com