When people succeed,it is because of hard work.Luck has nothing to do with success. Do you agree or disagree with the quotation above?

In my mind, spite of important role of hard work, chance has vitality role in becoming successful. We cannot consider being successful without chance. So, I do not completely concur with that statement. I will mention some reasons that can support my thought.

First of all, we have been finding a massive invention and discovery in over time that chance had crucial trail in their invention or discovery. For instance, invent of the Penicillin, in spite of whole hard work of its inventor, he accidentally came cross useful yeast, Penicillin. while the inventor of penicillin was experimenting on a plate of bacteria, he came across with a kind of yeast that bacteria could not able to live around the yeast. In conjunction hard work, chance has been being radically role in invention of important stuff.

Second of all, luck or chance might be very beneficial in becoming dignitary. For example, a friend of mine has been working for long time in theater and he could not take a suitable role in any film or high-level theater. Until, he haphazardly met a well-known director and hopefully he was looking for a new and young artist. So, he has chosen my friend so he become a very famous and successful artist. As result, he worked a lot but he was not successful until he encounters with a marvels chance.

Finally, luck may be very impressive in finding a good and suitable occupation. For instance, when I have graduated from university, I have been searching a lot for a job and I have sent resume to a lot of factory but unfortunately, I could not take good job. Until, I have met my professor and I said my problem. So, fortunately he proposed a good situation in his factory. So, I believe that chance have progressive role in my success.

In conclusion, although hard work has essential role in becoming successful, luck has a worth role in our success. So, both of these are vitality for our prosperous.


Hi Bitarooh, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. I understand pretty much every single point you are making and you have a very unique style. Since your essay is about success and succeeding it would be useful if you could tell us what your definition of ‘success’ is. Please, let’s start a conversation about success.


my essay is about chance. In other words, how much chance could be influential in our prosperous.
So, I think, we will not usually reach our aim without chance.
Could you correct my mistakes in my writing?
I am grateful for your help.


I think it’s much better if you start writing very short and simple sentences.