When I start speaking I forgot the appropriate words...

Hi bro

Salam I’m Titouf I live in Malaysia now Im a student in master of accounting
i have some problem which I face in my English

1/ usually when i start speaking i forgot the appropriate words so i use the same word the entire speaking

2/ i can not really write very well sometimes even i spend a long time only to write the introduction

Please help me to drive the problems away

hii . my name is Serdar…
I agree with you . Speaking is really different from writing becasue when the person speak something is missing really

Hi guys,
You’re right. Sometimes I get this trouble, too. Each time, when my teacher tells me to talk about something in English, I always miss my words. I mean in my mind, I can think about that word but I can’t express it in words. It’s quite hard for you to understand what I say, right? Anyway, my teacher told me that if I wanted to improve my speaking, I had to write down anything I wanted. And it must be done everyday. Maybe he’s right. So if you think it’s good, let’s try !!! OK? See you later!

Hello guys , how are you ? :smiley:

It’s a normal problem which every body who start learn any language faced it

but , by keep practicing I promise , you will be fluently speaker just keep practicing

and be like a mimic and like baby when he start talking .

Advise : Don’t be shy :oops: when you want to learn any language !!!

Thank you for this good topic

Dear friends,

I agree with Thegladiator. This is not a unique problem to the English language, but rather to second language learners everywhere. As you begin to learn the language, you tend to understand more than you can produce (that is to say, you receive lots of “comprehensible input” but are limited in “output.”) Some instructors believe you should begin production right away, yet there are many language theorists who insist there is a “silent phase” of little output while you are processing a lot of “input.”

I think you have to be patient with yourself and expect to make many mistakes when you first learn English. Go ahead: speak and write, but don’t get upset if you aren’t 100% correct. It’s best to make a mistake and learn the reason why it is incorrect than to produce perfect English and not feel confident in your understanding. Mimic the patterns and structures you hear, and test them out on a native speaker. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

Shannon Cole


For knowing more words you have to learn vocabulary.

Learn at least 20 words a day.

In this way you will improve your English.