When are language skills business fluent?


I often read in job offers: “business fluent english skills are needed”. Now I wonder when someone has received this business fluency. I don´t think you have to have the skills to curse like a horse coach or that of a secretary twittering on the phone.
So when are your skills in a language improved enough for negotations on a business? Is the 100% correct use of proverbs what a business fluency proves? Does it depend on some technical terms or business terms? Do you need expert language skills of a lawyer? Or is it simply that you have to be able to explain what you are negotiating on and are able to agree on a contract?
Anyway, I think it is really a misery with job offers, as I have gained the idea that the representatives of employers pretty often theirselves not really know what they mean. Hence, I don´t hesitate and do my very best with catching the job.:rofl::rofl:


lol or is it the capability to scate around a term you don´t know for sure? If so it would be the same is in your motherlanguage. What do you think?


Hi Michael, was the job requirement described in English or in German. If it was in German I suppose the phrase was ‘fließend in Wort und Schrift’?


Hi Torsten, in german it´s been “verhandlungssicher”. Leo suggests to translate it into business fluent. But sometimes also “fliessend in Wort und Schrift” also is mentioned.
Actually these texts in job offers are confusing. Do you have an idea what “hands-on-mentality” means?


Verhandlungssicher isn’t very objective because there lots of different situations in which you can negotiate. It’s one thing to negotiate the price at the local flee market and another to negotiate the Paris Agreement on Global Warming. So, I would say just go for it because you do have experience in negotiating deals.

As for a ‘hands-on-mentality’, it’s a practical approach focusing on the tasks at hand rather than on long term strategizing.


Thank you Torsten,

on the one hand for explanations and on the other hand for encouragement.
Lol, all I have to do now is convince employers.


I think HR managers use it as a ‘filter’) they don’t want to read thousands of CVs, just hundreds)
And most of them can’t really check your English knowledge :nerd_face:


Natalia, have you known that professional recruiters use PC Programmes that check your CV about special terms? You probably are right saying that on just one job offer recruiters may receive a hundert of applications.
I once had to filter applicaions about their convenience. Gosh it is really tiring and you probably need weeks to check a hundrets.


Miot, you are right, more and more companies are now using artificial intelligence to filter applications and short list candidates. It’s similar to chatbots.