What's up everbody?

I just wanted to say Hi and maybe introduce myself. My name is Sascha I?m 15 yars old and I come from Leipzig in the East of Germany. Nice town and not just because I?m living here. I?m doing my practical training at english-test.net. I don?t know what more I can tell you now so it would be better if you askme for what you want to know. See you later aligator, in a while crocodile.

Hi Sascha,

Welcome aboard. In my observation you are the youngest person in this forum. If anyone contradicts this please raise your hand :slight_smile:
Then what is that practical training you are involved in? Then have you completed your schooling?


No I didn`t finish school yet. This practical training is a project we have to do in the 10th class in our school. It?s to learn more about the work which is waiting for us as pupils in our lives. It?s quite interesting I think and something different from the stuff we learn in school every day.

Hi, Sascha!
Yes, apprenticeships are always quite useful. At least after having done them you either know that this profession is something you always wanted to do - or you come to the conclusion that you would never ever want to have a job like that. - I hope, the last one is not your case :smiley:

Welcome aboard!

It?s nice o be welcomed this way. Of course you?re right sunny and I just hope that I will know if this way of working is something I like. Ok, I think I?ve got to stop for today. Hope to read you again and I?m out.

HI happy new year!
I’m glad to find a native Geramn on this forum cause i like German and I’m learning it beside my english.
I started learning german recently and hope to progress soon…
I think I can get your Help and in return Im here to help you out in any way I can ok?
wish wish of success for you