What's the meaning of 'skimp out'?

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I’d like to know what ‘skimp out’ means in this sentence: It appears they are skimping out on PCB(printed circuit board) manufacturing which is not good. :?
It sounds like to me that ‘they shrink the PCB and it’s not good to do so’.

Skimping out – Limit in quality or quantity

So, they are cutting down the PCB production.

I would interpret that sentence to mean that the printed circuit boards which are currently being manufactured are a lower quality than they should be or than they were in the past.

In addition, the word “out” is optional in the sentence. Saying “skimp out on” rather than “skimp on” tends to make the sentence sound more informal.

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Thank you Gray and Esl_Expert!

I think you are right, Esl_Expert. The number of PCB layers used to be 10 and it has been reduced by the manufactury from 10 to 8. So the quality of the PCB is lower than it was. Thanks again.

Yeah, the infinitive is “to skimp”. Were one to skimp on something, he would decrease the expected quantity and/or quality of the thing in question:

Jim: Amy, I thought that this sandwich was supposed to come with two slices of cheese. It only has one.
Amy: Yeah, Jim, um, what did you expect? We’re at Joe’s Hole, and they tend to skimp on ingredients.

Thank you for the detailed explanation, Prezbucky. (I wonder if I could say ‘thank you for expanding on that’? I don’t know whether it sounds nature or not. )

What does it mean?