What's the "Floopy" meaning?

It comes from the US popular TV series


MONICA: You should feel great about yourself! You’re doing this amazing independence thing!

RACHEL: Monica, what is so amazing? I gave up, like, everything. And for what?

PHOEBE: You are just like Jack.

RACHEL: …Jack from downstairs?

PHOEBE: No, Jack and the Beanstalk.

MONICA: Ah, the other Jack.

PHOEBE: Yeah, right! See, he gave up something, but then he got those magic beans. And then he woke up, and there was this, this big plant outside his window, full of possibilities and stuff… And he lived in a village, and you live in the Village…

RACHEL: Okay, but Pheebs, Pheebs, Jack gave up a cow, I gave up an orthodontist. Okay, I-I-I know, I know I didn’t love him-

PHOEBE: Oh, see, Jack did love the cow.

RACHEL: But see, it was a plan. Y’know, it was clear. It was figured out, and now everything’s just kinda like-

PHOEBE: Floopy?


MONICA: So what, you’re not the only one. I mean, half the time we don’t know where we’re going. You’ve just gotta figure at some point it’s all gonna come together, and it’s just gonna be… un-floopy.

PHOEBE: Oh, like that’s a word.

RACHEL: Okay, but Monica, what if- what if it doesn’t come together?

MONICA: …Pheebs?

PHOEBE: Oh, well… 'cause… you just… I don’t like this question.

RACHEL: Okay, see, see, you guys, what if we don’t get magic beans? I mean, what if all we’ve got are… beans?



Hi Floratang

That’s not a “real” word. To me, the fact that Phoebe says “Oh, like that’s a word” when Monica says “un-floopy” is a little joke and indicates that people are aware that floopy is a made-up word with very limited colloquial usage.

From the Urban Dictionary:

confused, in a state of inner turmoil. if somemone feels floopy, nothing is going right and they can’t make sense of their life or the things that are happening to them.




I really appreciate for this.


Please note that the correct phrase is ‘I really appreciate this/your help’ since the verb appreciate is followed by a direct object. As for the term ‘floopy’ I think it’s similar to Perfectenschlag since both words were coined by prominent characters of a TV series.

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