What's the differences between "no good" and "not good"

Hi,my friends
I can’t clarify the differences between “no good” and “not good”
Could anyone help me?
Thanks in advance.


Hi Cyril,

Thanks for joining us – you might find the answer to your question in the no good vs. not good thread.

Let me know what you think.

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Hi Torsten,
sorry for my careless and thank you for you help
good is a nounce in “no good” and an adjective in"not good"
is it right?

Hi Cyril,

You were not careless at all – you had no way of knowing that somebody else asked this question before. Yes, “no good” is a noun construction similar to “no use”, “no point”.

You are right, in “not good” the word “good” is an adjective.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Torsten, good evening.

Are there any grammar rules as of how to use them in general?

I know “no” is used before nouns and “not” is used before verbs, but there are sentences that this rule gets broken seems like. Any comments on this issue will be appreciated. Thanks and good night.

God bless.