what's the difference between 'everyone' and 'every one'

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Could you please tell me if I can use ‘every one’ instead of ‘every one’ and say: hello every one? What’s the difference between them? When should I use ‘every one’ and ‘everyone’? Thank you in advance.

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Use ‘everyone’ for people when you are talking about all of them (‘Hello, everyone!’). Use ‘every one’ when you are talking about the collection of each individual person or thing (I bought a package of potato chips and every one was broken’).

Thank you Mister Micawber. I wonder if the usage of ‘some time’ and ‘sometime’/‘some times’ and ‘sometimes’ or ‘every time’ and ‘everytime’ are similar to the usage of
‘every one’ and ‘everyone’?

some time = an unspecified but often considerable length of time: It took me some time to get used to these new shoes.
sometime = any unspecified point in time: Let’s have coffee together sometime.
some times = more than one time: Some times in history are more interesting than other times.
sometimes = occasionally: I get lonely sometimes and go to a bar.
every time = all the times, each time: Every time I go to the bar, I drink too much.
b[/b] everytime = not an English word.

Thanks again for your detailed expanation, Mister Micawber.