what'd you call a person who take care for buffalos, ducks, chickens,...?

Hello guys,
As title, what’d you call a person raise those animals?

I know that you call the
one cares for cows is cowboy;cowherd
one cares for sheeps is sheepman; shepherd
for pigs is swineherd, etc
but how you call that man if he takes care for buffalos, ducks, chickens ?

Please help me with this.

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For buffalo or other large animals like ostriches or antelope, I would use the term “rancher”. For ducks and chickens, I would say “farmer”.

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uhm, but it’s not like other people will clearly know what that man does

do you think adding buffalo rancher and duck farmer will be OK?

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True, we don’t have a word that specifically means someone who takes care of buffalo or who takes care of chickens. Buffalo rancher and duck farmer sound good to me. One other note: a shepherd or cowboy often does not own the animals or land, but a rancher or farmer does.

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A person who raises duck is a poultryman and when he has raised a duck it can be made into “poulterer pie” Shepherds pie made with duck.