What would you want if you had just one wish?

Someone asked me this question about a month ago, and I can’t stop thinking about it.(I don’t mean it takes the 100% of my mind for 24 hours a day,but it’s an icon at the bottom part of my mind,to the left)
He asked me if an angel (or someone with that kind of power as angels have) came to me, and asked me to say one wish,and he (or she,I don’t know what I should use for an angel) would make it true, WHAT WOULD I WISH then?
I told him (to my friend, not to the angel unfortunately)
something at once, he said that was really a good one.
I can’t be sure if anyone would be interested in my wish, but I’m interested in Yours: If You could wish ONLY ONE thing in your life, what would that be?
(Besides worldpeace of course) :slight_smile:

World peace is always at the top of my wish list, but since I have to chose another one, I’d ask for something like enough food for everyone. If I can’t be altruistic, then I’d just wish for happiness. Rather uncreative wishes, I know.

Why would that be uncreative?
It’s so nice,that’s all.
I was much more selfish, my wish was me, and my family to be happy forever.
Thanks for sharing me yours,really,I like it.

This quote by Gustave Flaubert makes me think we should perhaps reconsider our wishes!

To be stupid, selfish, and have good health are three requirements for happiness, though if stupidity is lacking, all is lost.

We are still a bit closer to the point than this friend of mine, who only wanted to be able to fly.
Or he was closer… :slight_smile:

The Russians have a joke about just such a situation:

An American, a Frenchman and a Russian found an old bottle on the beach, opened it up, and saw a genie fly out. The genie was so grateful that he granted them each one wish. The American wished for a mansion on the ocean, lots of money, cars, women, and all the other aspects of a wealthy lifestyle. The Frenchman wanted something similar – a villa on the Mediterranean and limitless money and luxury. When the Russian took his turn, he had a more modest request. He said, “My neighbor has a goat, and I don’t have one. Kill my neighbor’s goat!”

A Serbian professor of mine said that there’s a similar joke in her country. She said that when Serbs complain about all their problems in life, they finish by saying, “If only the neighbor’s cow would die!” The idea is that one’s life is better if someone else suffers.

As for me, I wouldn’t know what to wish for.


I know an other joke:

In the Middle Ages a knight was riding through the forrest when he heard a woman?s cry. Looking what the matter was he saw some robbers attacking an old wife. Of course he hurried there and drove away the robbers. Beeing happy the old woman said: “Thanks a lot for defending me. I?m an old wizzard and I?ll fillful one of your wishes!” Standing in front of the old wife the knight thought through and said “I have never had peanuts. I want some peanuts!” The old wife snap her fingers and schnupp the knight had lost his legs. :shock:

Considerring this fatal situation i had prefered to have two more new wishes! Of course i often think that some things could be easier if there come an old wizzard or an angel who fillfuls my wishes. But happier i will be if i have a wish when i make a goal of it and reach it after working for it.

Please excuse me if i don?t wish you anything while considering the joke and only send my regards


I don’t think I get the joke :cry: , unless he just used a modal verb and omitted the main verb. Perhaps he only said: “Ich will Erdn?sse” and so he became one instead of getting some?

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there, Michael! Having something to hope for is wonderful and it’s often better than actually getting it. Or at least getting it straight away (I don’t mean essentials like food or health, of course!). Though working hard to make it happen might not always feel that wonderful!

Very wise decision, especially considering that we don’t all know the power of our mind!

Hi Conchita!

I?m sorry but to explain the joke i used to come across with my very vivid capability of imagination again! The joke is a pan and caused in the words “peanuts”.

In vulgar German the male genital sometimes will become termed “nuts”. After losing his legs his “n…” came close to the earth and connecting “earth” to his “n…” he have GOT “Peanuts” ( straight from German “earthnuts”). :oops:

Your solution is also an example how wishes could be missunderstood that i didn?t consider writing down the joke and that?s exactly what i meant. Either you make sure that the wizzard or angel exactly understand what you want or you better wish two more wishes! Maybe the sum would be a surprise! Then you can use the second wish to come back to the old state. :wink:

In this sense i wish you the fillfulling of all your own wishes!


P.S.: What is the spanish word for “peanuts”?

Thanks, Michael :lol: ! I thought it might have something to do with ‘earth’, but didn’t know the other meaning of the word ‘N?sse’! Now, here’s my lame go at a pun: The poor guy probably thought he must have been nuts to ask for such a down-to-earth wish!

It’s ‘cacahuetes’, from the N?huatl word ‘cacahuatl’ (the Mexicans say ‘cacahuates’).

As a horse lover, you might have heard of the Jerez Horse Fair held every year on 7-14th May in Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz – the Cadiz coast is also said to be a mecca for windsurfers. Anyway, the following might be interesting for you:

Hey guys,
I have a joke too!
3 little piglet got lost in the forest.They’ve been lost for a while, when an angel shows up,and says “hey piglets, 'cause you look like some good piglets, wish whatever you want”
The first pig goes “I’m so cold, and scared,I’d like to be home with my parents”
At the very moment he finishes he’s at home.
The second says " I’m cold, and scared, can I be home finally?"
He’s gone too.The last piglet’s turn,he goes:
“I’m so scared and lonely, I wish my brothers were here with me!”

It’s reminds me the best saying I’ve ever heard:
There is no bad that couldn’t be worse.

Jamie, we have that saying about the neighbor’s cow,exactly the same.

Michael, f?ldimogyor? means earth nuts, so I’ve got your joke at once! :slight_smile:


Hi together again!

Conchita, thanks for your tip to the Royal Spanish Equistian Riding show. The Spanish way of riding is famous and who has to do with horses have heard about that. Although i didn?t know this date! But there are so many ways to work with a horse and coaching is mine! It?s always a pleasure to see profis at work and i always admire people who make horses doing things like discribed at your text. Have you ever heard about Marathon coaching. Actually you Spanish have a top driver. Unfortunately my skills are basic ones. When you see profis working with their horses it seems to be nothing but if you ever tried to drive a horse to do what you want him/her to do you will know how difficult it can be. Especially purebreds can make you problems because their capability of really quick thinking.

Spencer, i like your joke. :smiley: Always the unexpected makes a joke good, i think. I would like to hear f?ldimogyor? spoken.

Unfortunately my joke required to much knowledges of vulgary German. I enjoy that it in spite of that it could bring some fun to you all.

Wish you all the best


Hi everybody
I think my wish could be a genie who makes all my wishes come true…and the joke
A man went to his doctor to find out why he had been having such severe headaches.The doctor ran some tests and after a few hours called the man into his office.
I have terrible news,he told the patient.Your condition is terminal.
Oh,noooo the man wailed.How long do I have??
Ten…began the doctor.
Ten What?the patient interrupted.
Days?months? years?
Nine,said the doctor eight,seven,six…