What words should I fill in these blanks?

Use one word for each blank only:

  1. The idea that there is a… of knowledge to be learnt at school or used for the rest of one’s life is nonsense in a world as complicated and rapidly changing as ours
    (it’s not “lot”, I was told it was wrong)

  2. Part of fascination the weather holds… because the weather in many parts of the world is very difficult to forecast.
    (“is” can’t be used here)

Are you sure #1 doesn’t read “learnt at school and used for the rest of one’s life”?

Are you sure #2 doesn’t read “Part of the fascination the weather holds…”?

Do you have any other guesses for the missing words?

I’m not too sure about the first one but I think “or” is correct.

And yeah, the second sentence should have an additional “the”


in #1 - it could be “body” - a body of knowledge … or “pool” - a pool of knowledge

in #2 - “is” is simplest, but if that’s out then maybe “arises”… possibly “comes”?

(in #1, I agree with Dozy, “and” fits better in context. )