What to choose? help , please

Dears :

what is the right choice and why ?

a very big thank to whom who answer

_ I ( went , have been ) to some very good parties but I have never enjoyed a better party than this one .

I think “have been” is correct.
When we want to talk about the past experience,we use “present perfect”.
-Have you ever been to Canada? -No, I’ve never been there.
P.S. My thanks to those who answer/My thanks to all of you for your help

What about have gone, Mr. Morteza?

Have gone mean : you have been to a place or country and you still there .

example :

He has gone to Canada . ( he`s there now )

He has been to Canada . ( he`s not there now , he was there in the past ) .

I agree with your example , because it has a connection with the present .

but do you agree with me that the first half of my sentence is a bit different .

Thank you