What the main cause of stress in modern life, and how could stress be reduced?

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Topic: Although most people are richer than in the past, modern life seems very stressful, and the number of people suffering from stress is at record levels. What are the main cause of stress in modern life, and how could stress be reduced?

In the fast-paced life, more and more people get stressed than ever before. Although there will be undoubtedly some negatives consequences for this trend, societies can take steps to mitigate these potential problem.

One of the main causes for this issue is that people always work long hours with strict deadlines. Many types of jobs nowadays require employees to meet deadlines, therefore leading to working under pressure. For example, Journalists always are encouraged to update important news as soon as possible for readers. In this way, they have to work overtime to commit the deadlines, which are extremely stressful. Addressing this problem involves taking sufficient sleep and prioritizing leisure time, which will help to release anxiety and stress as well.

Another problem is people are working so hard that they have no time for relaxation. It is true that in the developed countries, people spend less time on their family and friends than in the past. As consequence, they will suffer from disease related to mental health or even kill themselves off. Take Japan as an example, Japan is one of the countries with the highest suicide rate in the world due to overworking. A solution is for employers to support workers to reduce workload and take holiday regularly.

Moreover, with the development of technology recently, unemployment pressure is a major cause of stress. Because human workers might lack of skills to adapt to changing working environment. It is shown that unemployment rate has risen considerably due to using modern machines in manufacturing over the last decade. This will bring about depression for working age population who can bear the risk of jobless. To tackle this issue, the government should introduce educational programs to help workforce improve their necessary skills and adapt well to new technology. This will not only significantly relieve workers ’pressure but also decrease their stress levels.

In conclusion, there has been a rise in number of wealthy people suffering from stress due to reasons such as working pressure, lack of time for entertaining and jobless risk. This is a serious problem and unless we handle it, the health of society will suffer. My view is that the main of responsibility for solving this issue lies with employers and government.

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